It's time to... Go Down South, With Your Mouth 💋

Really Gouda Ways to Celebrate Wine and Cheese Day in South Australia

Wine and cheese. Could anyone think of a more perfect combination?

Just thinking about it has us salivating. 

Picture surprising your taste buds with a pairing of smoky gouda and a medium bodied shiraz. What’s that your taste buds detect? A hint of blackberry? You must have a sophisticated palette indeed. 

But then again, we’d expect nothing less from someone who loves to Taste Down South. 

And to celebrate International Wine & Cheese Day, we’ve put together a list of the top ways to honour the two best food groups on the planet.

1. Be intoxicated by the best view in Adelaide 

Photo credit: Broadsheet

2KW arguably has some of the best views across Adelaide. This makes it the perfect place to sip on a cab sav while boozily passing judgement on the too perfectly manicured Governor's Garden below.

2KW offers an extensive wine list along with a range of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie from Barossa Fine Foods. When the team at TDS went for after work drinks, Clarke was very excited to try their meat. We’re sure you will be too. 

2. Have a picnic (and nap) on one of Adelaide Hill’s most luscious lawns 

Photo credit: Carrick Hill

In an ideal world, we’d all be able to live in colossal estates and frolic around enchanted gardens. But until we win the lotto, we’ll have to settle for picnicking at Carrick Hill

Located on the edge of Adelaide in the suburb of Springfield, Carrick Hill is a perfect place to sneak away for a long lunch and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It is open to the public from Wednesday to Sunday.

So, head down to the Adelaide Central Market, pick yourself up some goodies and find a shady spot to over indulge on your favourite wine and cheese combo (then enjoy your well earned coma.

If you have some extra time on your hands, why not take a tour. With an elaborate art collection combining pieces from Australian, British and French culture, you’ll be transported to an era. Tours of the house and grounds operate twice daily.  

If art is not really your thing, you should go explore the apple orchard, storybook trail and stables. 

3. Take a trip to one of South Australia’s most iconic wineries

Photo credit: Penfolds

You don’t need to be a somm to know that Penfolds is a big deal. And not just on a national level. Penfolds is world renowned for a bottle of Grange starting at $800. 

We’re not suggesting you sell your left kidney to buy a bottle, but we do recommend you take a trip to Magill Estate Cellar Door. The Magill Estate is the original winery established by Dr Christopher and Mary Penfold back in 1844. 

After you’ve finished a tasting tour of the winery, pop over to the Magill Estate Kitchen for a lingering lunch.

4. Breathe in a bit of history

Photo credit: Apoteca

Despite being open since 2002, people are still commenting on how Apoteca is one of Adelaide’s best hidden gems. 

The bar and restaurant is named after the 142-year-old mahogany pharmacy cabinets that line its walls. We’re not sure why someone might haul these over on a ship from London but we’re glad they did. 

The bar oozes charm and the food is unfathomably good. So much so that it's one of our favourite restaurants in Adelaide. 

Why celebrate just one day? 

Although people have reminded us we can’t enjoy wine and cheese everyday, we’re still in complete denial.

In our hearts, every day is Wine and Cheese Day. 

So, raise your glasses high to living in one of the best wine destinations on the planet.

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