It's time to... Go Down South, With Your Mouth 💋

Taste Down South BBQ Apron

Taste Down South BBQ Apron

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Celebrate South Aussie the most aggressive spittin’ snags.

Keep the gristle on the BBQ and look presentable even after a round of snags. Our 100% cotton for comfort cooking apron made to protect your skin and Sunday bests from those pesky spittin’ sausages. Smooth, pliable Aussie cotton is washable and comes out looking brand new even against the sauciest pulled pork. For grill masters to folks who burn toast but insist on taking over the BBQ. Perfect for entertaining the gang during the game and lets them know you love to Taste Down South!

Tip: Wipe your greasy fingers on it so you can keep scrolling on your phone *wink*

Learn more about our Taste Down South BBQ Apron:

  • 2 pockets, one for a tool, one for your phone or herbs n’ spices. (Every dad is the grill chief and DJ)
  • Generous extra long waist ties and adjustable neck strap for a bunch of fitted comfort. No matter your size.
  • Machine washable and quick dry hardy 100% Aussie cotton for simple care and product lifetime.
  • Grippy fabric pattern sticks the apron to your clothes and where you need it most. No more swinging apron!

So if you want to celebrate Down South with a bit of style (and clothes the way you put 'em’ on), the Taste Down South BBQ Apron is rugged, comfy and made to work for you. Grab yours now.